Real-Time SSL Certificate Chain Streaming | WhoisXML API

Real-Time SSL Certificate Chain Streaming

Stream well-parsed SSL certificate chain data into your intelligence stack to increase visibility, evaluate real-time risks, and identify vulnerabilities before threat actors make their move.

Get the well-structured SSL certificate chain data of domains as soon as they are added, discovered, updated, or dropped within the hour.

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SSL Certificates Streaming Service
30 million+SSL certificates processed daily
565 million+Active domains tracked
300,000+Domains updated daily

How Do You Keep Pace with Constant Modifications in SSL Certificates and SSL Certificate Chains?


The SSL certificate market is enormous and can be confusing at times due to its hierarchical structure. SSL certificates are inherently time-sensitive—hundreds or more get added or expire every hour. Website owners can jump from one provider to another and change their SSL certificates and SSL certificate chains within minutes. Anyone with the right skills can also create and sign their own SSL certificates. Unscrutinized certificates can give Internet users a false sense of security, exposing networks to man-in-the-middle (MitM) and phishing attacks.


Real-time access to extensive SSL certificate chain data enables security teams and solution providers to keep an eye on both vulnerable and exploited SSL certificates. The automated delivery of critical SSL certificate data to supplement existing cyber intelligence ensures that suspicious Internet properties—including domain names that use self-signed SSL certificates or certificates issued by less reputable certificate authorities (CAs)—are immediately kept on a leash.

How Do You Keep Pace with Constant Modifications in SSL Certificates and SSL Certificate Chains?


  • Automated

    SSL certificates and SSL certificate chain data are automatically delivered to your environment immediately after data collection and processing.

  • Real-Time

    The SSL certificate data we provide comes from newly added, discovered, updated, and dropped domains collected every hour or less.

  • Exhaustive

    Every day, we process 30+ million SSL certificates using our proprietary algorithm. Our SSL certificate data may also be analyzed in tandem with other Internet intelligence, including DNS, IP, and WHOIS data.

  • Relevant

    For every SSL certificate, SSL Certificate Chain Streaming returns more than 50 crucial data points that enable users to inspect SSL certificates, trace their SSL certificate chains, and access otherwise-hidden or difficult-to-retrieve records.

SSL Certificates Can Be Deceiving—Your SSL Certificate Chain Data Must Enable Accurate Validation and Complete Scrutiny

Outdated data can amplify the number of blindspots on the Internet, hindering organizations from protecting exploitable elements, such as SSL certificates. The WhoisXML API Data Streaming engine aids in closing the gap in data sensing and delivery through automated, real-time, and continuous detection of DNS events in general and SSL certificate chain movements in particular.

Real-Time SSL Certificate Chain Streaming | WhoisXML API

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Practical usage

SSL Certificate Chain Data Streaming adds real-time value and fuels critical business and cybersecurity processes.

Security Platform Enrichment

Attackers continue to exploit SSL certificates as a spoofing technique, which could result in costly data breaches. Promptly seeing through a website’s lock icon and obtaining real-time SSL certificate details can help detect and block domains with self-signed or dubious certificates.

Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Expired SSL certificates can present exploitable vulnerabilities that effective ASM solutions must be able to detect and foresee. SSL Certificate Chain Data Streaming includes relevant validity dates delivered in real-time, giving more visibility into organizations’ attack surfaces by tracking SSL certificates’ expiration dates.

Phishing Detection

Threat actors use different techniques in phishing attacks, including taking advantage of people’s reliance on SSL certificates. WhoisXML API’s SSL Certificate Chain Data Streaming enables phishing detection tools to go behind the lock icon in real-time and instantly examine an SSL certificate’s validity, authenticity, security, and other critical details.

Managed Security Operations

A 24-hour delay in data access can be costly when managing security operations. By the time managed security operations centers (SOCs) obtain SSL certificate chain data, attackers may have already modified or abused them, enabling them to penetrate client networks. SSL Certificate Chain Data Streaming bridges this time gap and enables the real-time detection of suspicious SSL certificate chains and domains.

Brand Protection

Threat actors can impersonate brands by obtaining SSL certificates issued to the legitimate company. SSL Certificate Chain Data Streaming can help detect signs of SSL certificate abuse in real-time, before brands get infringed, impersonated, and used in malicious campaigns and communications.

Third-Party Risk Monitoring (TPRM)

Entities are inherently exposed to different third-party risks, including the exploitation of other organizations’ SSL certificates. TPRM teams and solutions can promptly detect and mitigate third-party vulnerabilities and risks by obtaining real-time and complete information about vendors, suppliers, and other third parties, including data points related to their SSL certificates.

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